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We can help you create just a tiny bit of happiness.

A while ago, we were planning a friend’s bridal shower; we searched for a good party store, one that had variety and taste. What we saw was either too shallow or not enough colour, but there was nothing we could do because we couldn’t get what we wanted. And that, my friends, was the birth of ThePartyVilla.

ThePartyVilla was born out of the passion and spirit to create just a little bit of happiness for everyone, to leave an enjoyable, colourful and pleasant experience for about-to-weds, newlyweds, first birthdays, baby shower and virtually all areas of life where, we as human beings feel the need to celebrate.

Why are we so different? Because we are a unique blend of mixed experiences, driven by a great and constant urge for creativity and colour.

We offer a uniquely curated selection of beautiful party items that appeal to all courses of celebration. We create an atmosphere you love, and we love what we do.

Williams-hart Beverley Ibinye

Everyone loves a great party – I do too. Growing up and while in school, I was privileged to attend a couple of great parties that stood out from the others, those parties or celebrations like I like to call them, always created a feeling within me, a feeling of genuine
excitement & happiness. This is what inspired ThePartyVilla.com
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Continuing from where I stopped, you see, as I attended more of such parties, I started looking out for what made those parties outstanding. I started asking myself questions like, what did the organizers do differently? What particular thing did i like about the party? And most importantly, How do i can organize a similar one?

The curiosity & interest coupled with these questions indeed, led me to a path of organizing and contributing to Baby & Bridal Showers as well as Birthdays and Mini celebration time out with friends. I must say that they were great, not perfect but great! They all achieved the sole purpose that I believe all parties should aim at – Creating a feeling of genuine excitement, happiness & overwhelming joy! I guess by now, you are wondering what the secret of setting up a great party is. One that your attendees will never forget, one that will make them ask you to help out in organizing theirs and one that makes them anticipate your next party. I’ll be sincere with you – not one single aspect of the process of organizing a party in itself can claim to be the sole reason of creating a memorable party. It is usually a combination of 2 or more aspects. However, one of these combinations stands tall. It must be in place, it must be well tended and it is often what directly enables the creation of experiences and memories that will last. That aspect, is the Party Supplies. Supplies is what enables and triggers the great feeling people feel at parties. It is what great planners go all the way out to get. Supplies is the tangible part that can be touched, seen and felt, it is what all beautiful, great and amazing parties have in common. After supplies comes the question “How do I put all these items together to create my own party? Let’s call this aspect the Party Theme. The quality of your supplies determines the quality of your themes. An aggregation of your supplies makes up your theme. The supplies makes your theme tangible. So, once you have all your party supplies & have created a beautiful theme to go with it, you would certainly have a party to remember for good.

This is our story and that is why I created The PartyVilla. We are here to give you a helping hand when you are in search for your party supplies, themes and ideas. Head on to our Gallery to shop for some supplies or reach us via email at bev@thepartyvilla or call 08038664287 to get great ideas and themes for your Bridal and Baby Showers, All kinds of Parties and Get together. We will wow you. It is in our DNA.




CEO & Founder, ThePartyVilla.com

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